Claudine Robson

Claudine Robson

Intentional Coach

Lead, Live, Love


You feel as though something is 'missing' from your life.  While all is as it should be at work, in your relationships, with your family, something is simply not striking the right chord anymore. You feel as though there is more to be had, more you can offer, more you can be. 

If this is you, you are not alone.  As a qualified coach and mentor I have the privilege of working with very successful people who reach a point in their lives when they feel a need to re-create and reconnect with the essence of who they have always meant to be.  People who are far from broken, people ready to be more, people ready to ignite their lives.

I will help you see the true nature of who you are, what you are worth, what you are being and what magnificence you have to offer.

Most coaches have a script or a program. These coaches buff, tweak, and improve your life or your business – a little. I change lives. I have no set curriculum because you are my material. My program is in your speaking.

You speak. I listen. We dance. Your life ignites.

Intentional Coaching

Who you are today is a typically a consequence of your life to date, it's a avatar of your past.

Who you want to be, who you were always meant to be is a consequence of living intentionally.

Intentional Coaching serves as a bridge to not simply to get you from A to B but to deeply understand how you came to be where you currently are, the primal experiences that shaped your values, beliefs, purpose in life, your very essence and meaning.  You will come to review your past with a new lens of understanding, compassion and forgiveness and it is from this point you will gain the clarity to fully understand and achieve your potential.  You will flourish.

If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, get a good psychologist. If you want to be in a created space that will allow you to see clearly and be clear, work with me.

Intentional Coach

Areas of Expertise


  • Keeping up Appearances

  • When the S*** Hits the Fan

  • Managing Conflict

  • Define Success

  • Being Triggered by the Past

  • Leading by Intent

  • Powerful Communications

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Being Really Present

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Bystander or Upstanding

  • Out of your Depth?


  • Find your 'Why'/Purpose

  • That Snarky Voice in Your Head

  • When Adversity Strikes

  • Life Changes

  • Good Enough?

  • Life after Trauma - Resilience

  • Decision Making

  • Fear

  • Career Pivots

  • Moving On, Letting go of the Past & Forgiveness

  • Control


  • Self Love & Compassion

  • Accepting Love

  • Dating

  • Passion

  • Recovery after Breakup 

  • Repeated Mistakes

  • Rejection

  • Self Image

  • Parenting Young'uns

  • Parental Relationships

  • Relationship Changes

  • Sexuality - LGBTQ+

It should be noted that many of these topics could fit in another, or all, categories - their placement is simply a generalisation.  Typically clients arrive with a smorgasbord of confusion or 'symptoms'.  We'll unpick and organise them together.

Being human is not straightforward, we carry around the knotted mass of our past, our hurts and quite frankly, a myriad of other crap.  These are your shackles, and it's time to get out of them.  Doing so can mean taking a long hard look at yourself from every angle -  even the ugly ones - and taking control, owning who you are and who you are not and making one big decision.

Enough is Enough

There is no magic wand.  Taking control of your life means taking control of you.

You are your solution and your salvation. 

You are capable of amazing and deserve awesome - take control, start living with Intent.


I am not what happened to me

I am what I choose to become

~ Carl Jung