Claudine Robson


Executive Coaching

Coaching is personal - it's success is dependent on the relationship held between coach and coachee/mentee.  Before any contract is entered into we would chat first to assess whether the fit is right.  These chats are:

  • Free

  • No obligation (I'm a coach - not a salesperson)

  • 45 minutes long, though I'm generous with my time

  • Thought provoking

The objective is to begin to gain an understanding of your starting point.

1:1 Coaching

I have a range of programmes of ranging from 3 sessions to 12 depending on your goal.  

Each session is 90 minutes long

Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis

Upon completion you are presented with a report documenting key insights/learnings, progress made, things to keep doing and things to be mindful of.

Annual Retainer Programmes.  

In addition to a 12 session coaching programme you would have access to me 7/52 for a year by text and email and 10 further 90 minute sessions to be scheduled at your convenience. These typically serve as once a month check-ins to keep you on track, motivated, focused and supported in your accelerated personal growth.

Group Sessions

Corporate - Leadership Development Programmes

Run quarterly these programmes cover a range of themes adapted to attendees.  Each group programme runs for 12 sessions each of 90 minute duration, group sizes range from 4 - 6.  These are great opportunities to build networks of trust, share experiences and gain insights from other leaders whilst simultaneously developing your leadership skills.  Programme content available upon request.


These can, by arrangement, be organised and tailored specifically for a team or organisation, held on site, off-site, or via Zoom.

Live Life Intentionally 

Run quarterly these programmes work with small groups of 4 - 6 attendees to examine what it means to live intentionally. 

  1. To take control of your role, relationships, responses and reactions to life and all that it throws at you.

  2. Identify the values, qualities and traits that make you unique

  3. Align your purpose in life to your potential to experience fulfilment.

Under 25's

I am passionate about supporting tomorrows society.

The demands placed on this generation have never been greater to succeed, to please, to appease and to conform to stereotypes.

It's for this reason I am prepared to offer all of my services at significant discount to any young adult.  Full details available upon request.

Confident Young Man

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something —

your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

~ Steve Jobs

My Approach

My approach to coaching is as a consequence of a past.  When asked as a child, "what are you going to be when you grow up?" I typically answered either a princess or a doctor - never 'coach'.  Neither did I have an evangelical moment of enlightenment whereby I found my calling.  


I came to coaching gradually via Human Resources and Management Consulting having witnessed a lot of floundering, overwhelm, loneliness and isolation among C-Suite leaders, peers, colleagues and friends.  The frustrated doctor in me surfaced wanting to help, salve and fix.  Gradually I found myself in coaching scenarios and ill equipped or qualified to step in as I would have liked, so I started to study, learn and practice.

My trade craft stems out of a combination of organisational psychology, neuroscience, NLP, ontology and logotherapy.  


That said, my approach is intuitive.  An intuition gained from over 6 years in pure coaching, 18 years engaging with or in senior leadership positions and over 50 years of being a sensitive human. 

While I am a fanatical advocate of process in systems or business, when it comes to coaching I take my lead from my clients.  Any coaching engagement with me will have a clear communicable structure, the approach will be tailored exactly to what it is you want to achieve and how you work best.

I provide reflection, challenge and support to enable the achievement of your quest.  Growth and learning occurs more easily when there's a healthy amount of humour - with me, this comes as standard!



Some highlights to give you a feel for who I am and to demonstrate that whatever you're going through - I've most likely been there or close to it.

  • I come from multiple generations of dysfunctionality

  • I was a chubby child who didn't excel at school - consequently

    • I was bullied

    • I was told I must be dyslexic - I'm not, I was just uninspired, bored and lacked purpose

    • I told myself (for years) that to fit in 'I must try harder, work harder, dress differently, be thinner, party more'

  • I had my right leg amputated - twice, at 11, 14 and major surgery at 16 - consequently

    • Education was somewhat interrupted

    • I learnt the difference between empathy and sympathy

    • My parents were very protective (too much so, out of love), that led to some wild behaviour and rebellion

    • I wanted to be a doctor but was told it would be too much for me physically

  • I don't have a degree, but I do have a Masters (with distinction) - I returned to education in my late 20's having worked out what it was I wanted to do, and haven't stopped since.

  • My career has pivoted more than once, sometimes through choice, sometimes through necessity, sometimes through consequence.

  • I've been married and divorced

  • I have 2 children and am a single working mum

  • People I love have been abused - I am very familiar with the far reaching consequences of trauma both on the person and on those who love them.

  • I am passionate about personal growth and playing to your strengths not busting a gut to overcome weaknesses

  • I am passionate about the impact of diet on cognition and mental wellbeing

  • I am a late arrival to the benefits of meditation, breath work, journalling and gratitude - but I got it - finally

  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 - all looking good now though.

The long and the short of this is that I've waded through my own shit.  I've taken ownership of the past and of the future I want to create for myself, my children, my tribe and my world.

My Why:

To be a guide to betterness - to inspire people to fulfil their unique potential to achieve inner peace, personal contentment and serve humanity by making a positive difference; be that big or small, in the hope of making your world a better place to be.

Which ultimately makes THE world a more cohesive, kinder, engaging and fun place to be - better!

Life Coaching


I should start by saying that I loathe the winsome, inspiring stories researched on many coaching websites when working out what I wanted to tell you about me.  

The most important things I can tell you are that I'm not perfect, I am a work in progress, I am an optimist and I'm real.  I believe in kindness and truth, I believe in being better, achieving more and most importantly 'enoughness'.  I love inspiring and guiding people to find meaning in their lives and loves, to live intentionally and to make every moment count.  Happiness and enoughness are consequences of a life led intentionally and with meaning.

“Enoughness is a sense of fulfillment that comes from within and through our natural environment, rather than through material things; a sense of connectedness to our friends and family, to our spirituality, to our traditions and to our culture.”