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Traditionally, Corporate Governance has been a construct of checks and balances to ensure the probity of any organisation and it's Leadership.

It's integrity relies on the Leadership Team's intentions.

When this is absent, misplaced or highjacked, events can overtake, and damage will occur.  Good business' and good people can and do go bad.  With the uptake of social media to broadcast news today, there is nowhere to hide and reputational risk has never been greater.

Any Leadership Team's adherence to their Environmental, Social, Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Capital claims are scrutinised, interrogated, evaluated and reported. Deviation is scorned.  Reputations are destroyed.

I introduce you to Personal Governance.

Personal Governance

an introduction

Building Model

What is Business?

Simply put, a business is an entity in place to make a contribution to society in one shape, form or another.  

It is this shift, combined with the writings of David Ulrich and Justin Allen (Recognizing and Realizing the Market Value of Leadership - Chapter II; Routledge Companion to Leadership) and the work of Fredy Hausammann that have influenced my work developing the Legitimate Leaders Model of coaching

Legitimate Leaders

and Personal Governance


Legitimacy, in a Leadership context is achieved when you go beyond compliance and the law to follow a correct, fair, genuine, moral and ethical path.

Personal Governance:

Personal Governance, is a higher dimension to Corporate Governance that ensures it's existing concepts and rules are adhered to. Strong and sustainable Corporate Governance can only happen if the people in charge of organisations can demonstrate solid Personal Governance.  Personal Governance guides Leaders to develop and expand themselves and their own lives to make a change for their betterment, and by association in their Corporate Leadership and Governance, making their influence more credible, their stance more ethical, their decisions more sustainable and thier authority more acceptable.

Legitimate Leaders


Being a leader is hard.  It is really hard. Responsibility and accountability are heavy burdens.

'Damned if you do and damned if you don't', moments are frequent, and the burden is compounded when you consider the hours, the sleepless nights, the data overwhelm, and inevitably some imposter syndrome, some fear and a lot of threat.

That said, does anyone really care?  Trust in and respect for Corporate Leadership has waned in step with the growth of social media. It seems as though there is no better sport than knocking people off a pedestal. Business press features too many tales of incompetence, negligence or even malpractice, and greed.  In some cases, formal enquiries and criminal investigations ensue and, the lives of millions can be affected.

Other reports paint a grim picture of executives whose mental and physical health, private lives and personal values are collapsing under the weight of social and peer pressure, analysis paralysis and work overload.




Legitimate Leaders Model



I have developed this model with it's parallel self assesment diagnostic to set a starting point for your personalised Executive Development Coaching experience with me.

Depending on your goals and the duration of our arrangement we will interogate and explore your relationship with all seven modules starting with your primary needs.

There is no curriculum or set running order as in life, boundaries are often blurred and, circumstances are dynamic.  Coaching with me is always at your pace with a soupçon of stretch, some challenge and a lot of accountability thrown in for good measure.

As a Coach I will bring all of my heightened intuition, I will be your stalwart advocate, I'll have your back and inspire you to reach further, higher and harder than you ever thought possible.