Make 2021 your year with a free coaching session

There’s no doubt at all that 2020 was an ‘odd’ year — to put it mildly! But there’s one massive positive that really stands out to me, and that’s the fact that for so many of us, it provided the opportunity to truly think about our lives.

Having the headspace to sit back and contemplate is a real luxury for most people. The daily grind has a nasty habit of getting in the way! But I’ve lost count of how many people have told me that they really enjoyed adopting a slower pace of life in 2020 and, crucially, started to ruminate on their lifestyle. Questioning yourself on what you are doing with your life and why is a really important part of self-growth as it prompts a vital question: is your life working out the way you want it to?

Although 2021 has got off to something of a wobbly start, many will have set this year as the start point of a new beginning. That might be:

  • Executing a career change

  • Becoming the leader they’ve always wanted to be

  • Throwing off the shackles of imposter syndrome and embracing their role

  • Finally launching a big idea that’s been bubbling away for a while,

  • Starting (or ending) a relationship

  • Or simply approaching life and work with greater sense of purpose and meaning.

For others, the space that lockdown and isolation created may have given them time to acknowledge how they are really feeling about their life and their work to date.

They may have finally recognised how their previous lives were operating with high levels of

  • Overwhelm

  • Stress

  • Dysfunctionality in their work space, or at home

  • Isolation and loneliness.

Some of the most common words and themes I hear from the executives who I coach are all to do with finding their state of happiness. It’s not just about career success, but about creating a life that they are happy and proud to lead — one where their career doesn’t define them, but is an enabler for all the other wonderful things they want to achieve. They talk about purpose, meaning, value, fun and laughter more than they ever mention money or responsibility.

It seems to me that we all want to enjoy a happy, fulfilling and well-rounded existence, but many of us get bogged down in the practicalities of life along the way.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

So as a gift to 2021 I am offering 21 free three hour coaching commitments, encompassing two 90 minute sessions, to those quoting 21421 when they contact me by email, social media, phone, my contact form — well, any method of contact, really!

I’ll help you find your why and understand how this simple statement can be the key to success in every area of your life.

It’s first come, first served, so if you’re interested in finding out about how intentional living can help you make the most of your potential, get in touch asap.

Who can benefit from this offer?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of coaching, but I specifically tailor my coaching to people in positions of high influence and power, who are seeking more control over their lives and greater fulfilment. I work with:

  • C-suite executives

  • NEDs and chairpeople

  • Retiring elite athletes

  • Creative leaders from film and TV

  • The leaders of tomorrow — school and university graduates seeking a clear path to follow

  • Bankers, lawyers, investors and so on.

Privilege and success does not offer immunity from stagnation, fear, emptiness, overwhelm and loneliness. We are all simply human beings, trying to figure out how to be. And sometimes, we all need a little guidance on the way.