What is intentional living?

If you spend any time at all talking to me about my work, you’ll no doubt hear the phrase ‘intentional living’ — and its co-dependents meaning, purpose and values.

I believe that living with intent is the key to fulfilment – that feeling you have when you’re in full flow, achieving and believing in what you do. It’s not about buying into some flimsy insta-marketing slogan or an empty influential phrase. Living intentionally is about understanding who you are and what you want — and then taking control of the steps that will make that happen.

Intentional living will be different to every single person, because we are all different beings with different minds, souls, beliefs and values. So, being able to live with intent requires an honest and thorough understanding of the most important person in your world: you. It’s only then that the rest of the jigsaw of your world starts to come together.

Living a life that’s true to your values requires rigor and discipline. It’s the same single-minded ‘eyes on the prize’ approach demonstrated by sports elites. It’s marginal gains, baby steps and fine tuning to achieve growth, improvement and ultimately success.


Every client I work with is unique. Coming to me at different stages in their own evolution from first timers who’ve never tried coaching before through to clients wanting to step up their coaching experience. Consequently, I don’t operate from a template or one particular school of coaching. Rather I blend many practices and philosophies to suit the person in front of me.

That said a common ‘safe’ place to start is by working with beliefs and values.

Everyone one us (myself included) carries around with them a weight of beliefs we hold about ourselves. It is these that shape our comfort zone, our hang-ups, our ‘enoughness’ and it’s these beliefs that lend volume to the voice inside our head from a whisper to a raucous shout. Busting these myths is core to success. Hushing that critical voice within is central to freeing you up to build success upon success growing along the way.

Values? We all know what these are but do we really ever interrogate our own values at a deep level? Typically we take these for granted or dumb them down to a trend or socially palatable homogenised wishy washy representation of what we think is acceptable. Who are we trying to please here?

Understanding your values takes time. Living in a way that’s true to them takes discipline.

Values are key as if these are out of whack and not showing up in your life you’ll experience friction and rarely achieve flow. Flow is that moment when time stands still and two hours feels like 5 minutes. It’s that ‘falling in love’ feeling of everything just falling into place EFFORTLESSLY! Out of flow comes, creative thought, innovation… a neuro-drug high! Flow is being on tack to success and loving every minute of the ride.

Values and beliefs are powerful when combined. Together, these shine a light on your purpose. Purpose isn’t some Mother Theresa’ish do-gooder concept it’s the root of engagement. Engagement at work, engagement in your kids lives, engagement in your community. Simply put it’s what you bring to the table, every, fucking, day. And if your purpose is poorly defined that’s going to pull you down.

From here we understand ‘our why’ – for now. This changes over time, over life stages and over social changes.

You can find my why on this website and understand how I came to be where I am today.

I help my clients unpick their values and beliefs. It’s more complicated than you might think! By stripping away layer after layer of the sludge we’ve accumulated over the years we get to the real you, the you you want to be and the things you want and need to achieve.

Then, it’s ‘simply’ a case of keeping that goal in mind as you get there. Together we’ll route map your path to your empowerment, your freedom, your fulfilment and your success.

Happiness, joy, wealth, these are the products, the consequences, of an aligned life with purpose and meaning – an intentional life.

How intentional coaching helps

The person you are today is a mismatch of results of the many thousands of events, both small and large, that have happened to you. Who you are now is a consequence of your past — but your future self can be a consequence of living intentionally.

You are not what has happened to you

You are what you choose to become

~ Carl Jung

When you have clarity about your past and how it has shaped you, you can start to make intentional decisions about your future.

Life is full of choices. Some are easy, some are hard. You may believe that in certain situations you don’t have a choice — well, I call bullshit. There is always a choice, even if the choice is simply how you respond to an event outside of your control. Say something bad happens to you in your career. You can rant and rave and plan revenge, or you can reject that and choose to react in accordance with your values (unless of course your values are to rant, rave and avenge — but somehow I think that’s unlikely!)

Intentional coaching helps you keep that end goal front of mind, so you can always make the right choice for you.

Who can intentional living help?

The short answer is: everyone.

Everyone can benefit from understanding who they are and who they want to be. Everyone can benefit from having the conviction to make the right decision for them.

Intentional living can help you:

  • Stop people pleasing and start making decisions for yourself

  • Learn how to say no

  • Execute a career pivot

  • Leave an unhappy relationship without causing or carrying huge emotional damage

  • Reconcile your current life with your own idea of success

  • Have the confidence to choose the path less trodden

  • Stop feeling lost in a busy world and take control of your future.

I’ve worked with people like you. People who’ve called time playing second fiddle and made a conscious choice to be better, to be more, to be free and most importantly to be real. From FTSE 100 C-suite, to retiring elite sports pro’s, entrepreneurs and (the other side of the coin) Angel Investors and VC fund managers. People at the top of their game. People changing their game. People who are just entering their game.

All people trying and learning to be better at being human. People who really want to grow as humans, as leaders, as partners, as parents, as citizens of the world. Circumstances differ, but there is always one common theme: living intentionally has been the key to them embracing who they are, calling time on their shit and making the right choices for their future self.

Sound interesting? Get in touch.

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