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Proud to have served & looking forward to serving you

I have had the absolute honour to have worked for some awesome organisations either in my capacity as line HR or lead, Management Consultant, HR Leadership Development Consultant or Coach.

I am grateful to them all for the friendships gained, the insights and richness of experience and the learning received and accepted.  I thank you.

The work I do today is a culmination of all that I have gained from these business' and my beautiful private clients.  Coaching is a privileged relationship which I treasure, commit to and honour by never allowing my growth and learning to stagnate so that I can best serve my clients.

My clients come to me from all walks of life, leaders, creators, sport and art, film and tv, parents - all. One common uniting factor is a hunger for growth, insight, value, and meaning. To live a meaningful life with a clear purpose delivers happiness, freedom, love and personal peace.

Privilege and success does not offer immunity from stagnation, fear, emptiness, overwhelm and loneliness. We are all human beings trying to figure out how to be.


There is no magic pill, or wand; the answer is never binary.  Together though we will find the meaning, the motivation and the method for you to identify your you and achieve your purpose.